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Taikone to Launch 35% Recycled Beauty Wedges: A Pioneering Eco-Innovation

At Taikone Technologies, a global leader in cosmetics and medical manufacturing, we are revolutionizing the role manufacturers play in sustainability. Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility has led to the introduction of an innovative line of sustainable beauty blenders and wedges.

Starting December 1st, Taikone's beauty blenders and wedges will lead the way in eco-consciousness, incorporating an impressive 35% recycled PU waste material. This innovation is underpinned by a remarkable technology that redefines our approach to manufacturing waste. Rather than utilizing recycled or previously-used materials, our pioneering process involves repurposing the 15% waste typically produced during manufacturing. This waste is transformed into eco-friendly blenders and wedges, all while retaining their signature bounce and top-tier quality.

Sustainability starts at the manufacturing stage, and it serves as the guiding principle underpinning all our pursuits at Taikone Technologies. Manufacturers are the driving force behind innovative solutions, with brands turning to us for new ideas and advancements. This pivotal role necessitates us to lead the way, championing sustainable and pioneering solutions.

Through a synergy of innovation, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality, Taikone is dedicated to forging a transformative path in the beauty industry. Join us in crafting the future of beauty. Reach out to us at


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